Operational efficiency depends upon accurate, trusted data

Let me help you design and build the systems, processes and procedures needed to digitally capture, validate and manage existing brownfield and ongoing project information.

In the current market, EPCs are looking to find efficient and cost-effective ways to deliver projects on-time, on-budget without compromising safety or quality. The appropriate use of integrated design tools, combined with an extensive design library, robust procedures and user training is the key to achieving this. Once you line this up with your supply chain and construction systems, the magic really starts to happen. This is the point when you see significant improvements in lead-times, schedules, asset costs, and construction costs.

For owner-operators, digital plant data is the starting point for finding market-leading efficiency in operations. This requires a trusted, complete and accurate data-set. This can be captured from the existing brownfield information, or by implementing systems and specifications and working with EPCs to ensure fully compliant handover.

Information Management software often seems expensive and cumbersome to implement. But with the right approach, the right team, and appropriate stakeholder engagement, the return on investment WILL be significant.

Iain Ramsey